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Domain abused

Dear visitor.

I am sorry to warn you against the domain The current owner is promoting gambling using my name. He, or whoever it is, does use my name to entice you to spend your money on gambling. I am the only person on the World Wide Web with the name Jerry Jakobsfeld and the domain is misusing my name to cheat you to gambling and if you follow this advice then you will definitely lose your money.

I am the former owner of the domain as well as of the domain These domains was initially registered by me on danish section of BuyDomains. Unfortunately the provider was declared bankrupt and another provider has taken over. I was not happy with this new provider and tried to move my two domains to a provider of my choice. Thanks to the danish law it was easy to move to a new privider, but I had no influence on The provider did not answer my requests and finally I gave up and stopped paying for the domain. hoping that it will be closed, but it was not.

The current provider of, Wild West Domains, would so far not stop the abuse of my name.

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